Armpins sugaring

Armpins sugaring

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Smooth armpit skin is something every woman should take care of. Especially in the warmer months, when thick sweaters are sent to the far shelf of the closet, and T-shirts and T-shirts appear in the wardrobe. Hair in the armpits is not only not aesthetically pleasing, but also not very hygienic: microorganisms that smell of sweat feel fine on the hairs.

The effect after the armpit sugaring procedure will last for several weeks. This result is not achieved when using the original "home" methods - a razor or depilation cream. And although sugaring of the armpits is a little painful procedure, the master of the salon will make every effort so that it passes quickly and delivers a minimum of discomfort to the patient. However, women note that after a few procedures, these feelings cease to be so painful.

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